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Lower Elementary (Grade 1-3)

The Lower Elementary programme addresses the growing curiosity of these young learners. Students are fascinated to learn more about the world around them, how it works, and their place in it.

Students entering the Elementary programme from Casa have already acquired fundamentals in reading, writing, math, geometry, and culture. They are now ready to build upon these skills and apply them to their many interests. These core areas of study are complemented with studies with our Specialist teachers in French, Art, Drama, Music, and Physical Education, and include a variety of carefully planned outings into the community.

The Lower Elementary curriculum strives to capture the imagination and creativity of the individual student by working with concrete materials to explore academic areas. The programme is hands-on, experiential and collaborative, and promotes an environment of mutual respect and appreciation. The academic programme prepares students for the next stage of learning by encouraging them to actively explore questions to gain a greater understanding of the world around them.
After school and lunch hour sports clubs, choir, and special interest clubs are available to meet the growing social needs of the older children.

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