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Upper Elementary (Grade 4-6)

The Upper Elementary students continue to learn in an enriched and stimulating classroom environment. Students are encouraged to make responsible choices and to take ownership of the education process as they work with materials that emphasize reason, relationships, analysis and abstraction.

As students’ minds and abilities continue to grow, the studies at SMS become increasingly complex. Students spend more time doing active research, and collaborate with their peers and teachers as they take on more responsibility for their learning.

Giving Curious Minds a Place to Learn and Grow

Specialist teachers in French, Art, Music, Drama, and Physical Education enrich the Grade 4-6 programme. Learning takes place beyond the boundaries of the classroom as nature and cultural programmes extend the students exposure to the surrounding community.

Our Upper Elementary experience is about balancing core capabilities with self-directed learning that allows for learning without limits.

Students take an active role in the learning process are able to move beyond the curriculum in any discipline. The multi-age grouping also allows for leadership experiences, as well as collaborative projects across disciplines which further enhances the acquisition of knowledge.

With increased responsibility comes the opportunity to explore a wide variety of experiences beyond the classroom including field trips, cultural experiences and outdoor education experiences.

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