Art and Drama

The SMS Art and Drama programme nurtures each student’s individual growth through creativity and innovation and contributes to the development of independent, confident, and self-realized students.

Prima Casa, Casa and Lower Elementary
Art at SMS revolves around the process of making, sharing and creating. From early on students are encouraged to explore their creativity through open-ended art activities. This programme works to develop each child’s sense of self through independent discovery. Teacher-framed, student-directed projects provide each child a sense of ownership and autonomy to their creation.

Upper Elementary & Junior High
The Upper Elementary & Junior High Art and Drama Programme seeks to transition students to a higher degree of self-driven exploration through the arts. Principles, elements, and genres of the visual and dramatic arts are further investigated as students increase their familiarity with each concept. In-depth research projects investigating themes:  linguistic, scientific, historical, political and cultural are explored, animated and expressed through vibrant collaborations including seminars, films, feasts, dramas, art and artifact.

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