Prima Casa, Casa (2.5 – 6 years old) & Lower Elementary
Our SMS Montessori based learning supports the belief that children can absorb mathematical concepts naturally. Students are provided with tools and attractive learning materials to promote natural observation, classification, sequencing, expression, and measurement. This is facilitated by our qualified and dedicated teachers, who guide students with a focus on encouraging progressive and joyful learning. As students progress through the years, new concepts are introduced and mastered through increasing degrees of challenge.

Upper Elementary & Junior High
Building upon the lessons and concepts learned throughout the years, Mathematic concepts increase in difficulty to continue to challenge, support and enrich the Grade 4 to Grade 8 student’s individual needs. New concepts are introduced in small group lessons and students are provided activities to reinforce and ultimately master each lesson.

To further enhance and enrich learning outcomes, the IXL ( online math programme is offered in order to challenge and engage students according to their individual needs. As the programme provides comprehensive feedback, teachers are able to identify potential areas of weakness and additional instruction and practice are provided. Conversely, as teachers identify areas of student strength, they can customize lessons and provide additional math challenges utilizing curriculum resources up to Grade 12. Advanced Mathematic students are able to complete a Ministry of Ontario Grade 9 Math credit in their Grade 8 year. The use of Chromebooks and age-appropriate technology is also introduced and provides the opportunity to further enhance the math programme.

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