Toddler, Prima Casa, Casa & Lower Elementary
The Music Programme at SMS begins with encouraging children to find their inner voice and develop an appreciation of music in a safe and caring environment. As students progress through the years, they are introduced to concepts of rhythm, beat, and pitch and are provided with a multitude of tools and instruments to discover and nurture their love for music. Musical concepts of tempo and dynamics are also introduced as students are encouraged to identify what makes each musical piece unique and different.  Lower Elementary students also join the junior choir.

Upper Elementary & Junior High
Upper Elementary music begins with students learning to play and identify notes on the musical staff. Basic theory skills are introduced, and musical concepts learned in the lower grades are expanded upon.  Students begin to play the recorder, Orff instruments, and the ukulele as they progress through the programme. Every concept and lesson provides students with a unique appreciation for music and inspires them to nurture their own talents.

The Junior High Programme continues to support the culmination of skills acquired, while more in-depth theory concepts are explored, and students prepare two music history essays each year; one on an artist from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and another on a composer from the Romantic or 20th-century era. Students in Junior High learn to play acoustic guitars as well as continuing with vocal classes and taking part in the senior choir.

Additional extracurricular opportunities include a bucket percussion ensemble, Rock Band club, and senior choir – which consists of 60-70 students.  The Junior and Senior choirs perform several times throughout the year, including at the Kiwanis music festival where they have been awarded gold level standing several years running.

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