Casa & Lower Elementary
Our Lower Elementary Science programme fuels the need for active engagement and stimulates the curiosity of the natural world within each child. SMS students are encouraged to continue an independent and self-reliant approach to discovery with hands-on and experiment-based learning.

Upper Elementary & Junior High
Our mission to ignite each student’s curiosity for learning aligns with the process of scientific inquiry and discovery. Curiosity lies at the heart of the study of the natural world. With this in mind, SMS has developed a rigorous high school preparatory science programme that engages students and helps them transition to higher science education with confidence.

In our new Science Lab, students in Grades 4-8 engage in a constructivist, inquiry-based curriculum in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) by engaging in hands-on, experiment-based activities.

Designed to meet Stanford University’s standards for STEM student preparedness, the programme prioritizes student sense-making through project-based learning. Students are guided through the process of developing experimental questions, designing experiments and analyzing data. Students connect with content that moves them towards understanding foundational science concepts and facts. At the same time, they develop a more intuitive understanding of cross-cutting concepts that apply to all STEM disciplines, such as cause-and effect, the relationships between scale, proportion, quantity and patterns in structure and function. By training students to apply critical reasoning to new information they will be better prepared to shape and interact with the ever-changing modern world.

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