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Our Families

We know that families are our partners in education and provide a broad range of opportunities to be involved in the life of the school and further enrich our students’ learning experience.  Parents/Guardians are also an integral part of the school community, through volunteering, participating in events, and by supporting us in the shared goal of providing a positive educational experience.

We foster the engagement of and ongoing communication with parents about the programme and their children by having regular meetings with parents to explain what is happening in the classrooms, welcoming parents to observe their children, and touching base in person throughout the week. Weekly updates and monthly newsletters provide current information about school life and upcoming events.

Giving Curious Minds a Place to Learn and Grow

Families can access their child’s teacher by leaving a message with the office staff, or by emailing the schooll. We also have whole school events where the parents of younger children can meet and discuss their child’s experience with parents of older children.
Monthly newsletters are posted on our website; we have a Facebook page and Twitter account, and there are many opportunities for the parents to engage socially with staff and students at various functions throughout the school year.

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