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Welcome to SMS

Sunshine Montessori School (SMS) is a co-educational, independent private Montessori school for children  through Grade 8. Founded in 1986, SMS is a place of joyful and active learning where children from their earliest years through adolescence develop a love of learning. We provide a warm and nurturing environment where students can realize their potential by igniting their natural curiosity for discovery, challenge and academic success.

Giving Curious Minds a Place to Learn and Grow

SMS prepares children to learn, think, grow and succeed through innovative Montessori programming.
Our teachers foster an environment of inquiry by encouraging independence, responsibility and respect; motivating students to be caring, confident, resilient and compassionate citizens of the world.

The continuum of learning from Toddler, Prima Casa/Casa to Elementary and Junior High builds, challenges and reflects the educational needs of each student. During the time your child spends at SMS, they will be able to actively engage not only in a top-quality education, but also in forming their own educational process.

We provide our students with the tools, materials, and guidance needed to build an understanding of their world. Engaging and collaborating with teachers and peers further prepares them for their learning journey ahead.

We invite you to explore our programmes to learn more about our school and community.

Sunshine Montessori School

10 Boniface Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario N2C 1L9
Phone: (519) 744-1423