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Our Core Values

First and foremost, SMS is a community. We are dedicated to providing the best environment for students to ignite their curiosity so they can learn, think, grow and succeed.

We do so by:

Developing the intellectual, social, and emotional capabilities of each child;
Emphasizing the value of inclusivity, diversity, integrity, responsibility, independence, community and respect for others;
Creating an environment that fosters academic excellence, collaboration, and the emotional and social development of our students;
Engaging in innovative teaching and learning methods including new and emerging technologies;
Creating a community that encourages curiosity, discovery, and achievement.
By providing our students with the skills and mind-set to reach their potential they are able to innovate, collaborate, creatively problem-solve, and utilize the critical thinking and academic tools required for their future success.

Sunshine Montessori School

10 Boniface Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario N2C 1L9
Phone: (519) 744-1423