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Why Montessori

Our children are our most precious resource and our hope for tomorrow’s society.
…Within the child lies the fate of the future.

Dr. Maria Montessori

During her long and outstanding career, Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) worked in the fields of Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Social Work, Anthropology, and Education. Dr. Montessori was, in many ways, ahead of her time. Born in Italy in 1870, she became the first female physician in Italy. She described the child’s mind between the time of birth and six years as the “absorbent mind” because of their tremendous ability to learn and assimilate effortlessly and unconsciously from the world around them.
Through extensive scientific observation and research, and direct experience with children, Dr. Montessori identified unique sensitivities that enable young children to absorb knowledge and learn spontaneously. Recognizing the immense importance of the child’s “absorbent mind,” she then formulated specific equipment and a method of education that was designed to cultivate the child’s own natural desire to learn.

Dr. Montessori strongly advocated a learning environment based on each child’s individual needs, abilities and learning pace. She envisioned an atmosphere free from competitive stress and conducive to the formation of the child’s intellect and personality.

Dr. Montessori called education “an aid to life.” In our world of rapid and constant change, Montessori Education offers the foundation for a lifetime of self-directed learning.

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