Welcome to SMS (Sunshine Montessori School). We hope that through this website, you will come to understand who we are, and want to make an appointment to visit the school.

Rooted in Montessori philosophy, SMS is an exceptional place where joy and purposeful learning are on full display at every level from Prima Casa to Grade 8. The classrooms are carefully curated to nurture and further each student’s academic, social, and emotional development. The teachers are experienced, highly trained, and take a personal interest in guiding their students’ specific needs in an engaging and meaningful learning environment.

SMS graduates emerge as socially responsible, intellectually curious, high academic achievers in high school, university, and beyond. They are known for their unmistakable ease and self-confidence, and their ability of skillful collaboration and thoughtful leadership translate into valuable real-life skills.

The combination of programs, our robust enrichment offerings, the facility and location, and most importantly, our teachers and students create an exceptionally strong, caring community. We look forward to sharing the true value of an SMS education with you and your children very soon.

With kind regards,
Cynthia Bradshaw Head of School

Community Service

One way that children learn the significance of their own actions, is through acts of kindness. “They (children) will imitate us in any case. Let us treat them, therefore, with all the kindness which we would wish to help develop in them.”  Maria Montessori

At SMS, awareness of those in need, whether it be a school mate, a community need, or a global need is a tenet of our philosophy.  While we do not fundraise for our own needs, we do raise funds for our community, those in need and causes that students feel strongly about.

From the youngest students to our Junior High students, we encourage students to be aware of needs around them and we help facilitate solutions and actions to help. From simple drives such as collecting food for the Food Bank to more complex and far-reaching endeavours such as students cleaning up garbage from the Mangroves in the Galapagos Islands, we foster understanding, compassion, and resourcefulness.

As students leave our school after Grade Eight, we know they head into the world eager to contribute and to continue experiencing the joy of giving back.

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