At SMS, we inspire a love of learning in all our students that will last a lifetime. All core areas of study are complemented with Specialty Programmes in Science, Math, French, Art, Drama, Music, and Physical Education.

Each programme has been carefully curated to challenge, ignite and encourage each child.


Constructing concepts. Comprehending patterns.

Prima Casa, Casa (2.5 – 6 years old) & Lower Elementary
Children can absorb mathematical concepts naturally. Teachers guide students with tools and attractive learning materials to promote natural observation, classification, sequencing, expression, and measurement.

Upper Elementary & Junior High

Building upon the lessons and concepts learned throughout the years, Mathematic concepts increase in difficulty to continue to challenge, support and enrich the Grade 4 to Grade 8 student’s individual needs. New concepts are introduced in small group lessons and students are provided activities to reinforce and ultimately master each lesson.

To enrich learning outcomes additional resources from the online IXL math programme are offered to engage students according to their individual needs. The programme provides comprehensive feedback and teachers identify potential areas where additional instruction and practice can be provided. As teachers identify areas of strength, they customize lessons providing additional challenges using curriculum resources up to Grade 12.

The use of Chromebooks and age-appropriate technology is also introduced and provides the opportunity to further enhance the math programme.

Advanced Mathematic students are able to complete a Ministry of Ontario Grade 9 Math credit in their Grade 8 year.


Stimulating engagement. Seeing our world.

Casa & Lower Elementary
Our Casa and Lower Elementary Science programme fuels the need for active engagement and stimulates the curiosity of the natural world within each child.

Casa (JK – SK);
Science is all around us and Maria Montessori recognized the young child’s need to observe and absorb information. Science activities with even our youngest students allow for experience with real objects followed by discussion, and experimentation. Areas of study are botany, zoology, geography and structures.

Lower Elementary (Grade 1 – 3)
This is the beginning of the development of scientific thought. Montessori students’ questions become their hypothesis and through the power of observation, they come to their own conclusions about the laws of the universe. A wide array of scientific principles are explored from classification of living and non-living things to the classification of plants and animals. Students explore matter, structures, motion and properties of elements.

Upper Elementary & Junior High
Our mission to ignite each student’s curiosity aligns with scientific inquiry and discovery. Curiosity lies at the heart of the study of the natural world. SMS has a rigorous high school preparatory science programme that engages students and helps them transition to higher science education with confidence.

In our Science Lab, students in Grades 4-8 engage in an inquiry-based curriculum designed to encompass STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) by engaging in hands-on, experiment-based activities. This integrated project curriculum places an emphasis on students collaboratively gaining an understanding of how scientists and engineers grapple with core scientific principles.


Nous parlons français. Nous sommes multiculturel.

Our Montessori-based language programme allows for a rich French language environment with self-motivated activities, encouraging communication and problem-solving learning. At every grade level, the French programme interconnects each concept with other areas of studies.

Advanced French students are able to complete a Ministry of Ontario Education Grade 9 French credit in their Grade 8 year.

Art and Drama

Creative exploration. Cultivated perspectives.

The SMS Art and Drama programme nurtures each student’s individual growth through creativity and innovation and contributes to the development of independent, confident, and self-realized students.

Prima Casa, Casa and Lower Elementary
Art at SMS revolves around the process of making, sharing and creating. From early on students are encouraged to explore their creativity through open-ended art activities. This programme works to develop each child’s sense of self through independent discovery. Teacher-framed, student-directed projects provide each child a sense of ownership and autonomy to their creation.

Upper Elementary & Junior High
The Upper Elementary & Junior High Art and Drama Programme seeks to transition students to a higher degree of self-driven exploration through the arts. Principles, elements, and genres of the visual and dramatic arts are further investigated as students increase their familiarity with each concept. In-depth research projects investigating themes: linguistic, scientific, historical, political and cultural are explored, animated and expressed through vibrant collaborations including seminars, films, feasts, dramas, art and artifact.


Joyful sounds. Joyful learning.

Prima Casa, Casa & Lower Elementary
The Music Programme at SMS begins with encouraging children to find their inner voice and develop an appreciation of music. As students progress through the years, they are introduced to concepts of rhythm, beat, and pitch and are provided with a multitude of tools and instruments to discover and nurture their love for music.

Upper Elementary & Junior High
Upper Elementary music begins with students learning to play and identify notes on the musical staff. Basic theory skills are introduced, and musical concepts learned in the lower grades are expanded upon. Students begin to play the recorder, Orff instruments, and the ukulele as they progress through the programme.

The Junior High Programme builds on acquired skills, while more in-depth theory concepts are explored and students prepare two music history essays each year Students in Junior High learn to play acoustic guitars as well as continuing with vocal classes and taking part in the senior choir.

Additional extracurricular opportunities include a bucket drumming ensemble, Rock Band club, and senior choir – which consists of 60-70 students – and an annual musical production. The Junior and Senior choirs perform several times throughout the year, including at the Kiwanis music festival where they have been awarded gold level standing several years running.

Physical Education

Active bodies. Active minds.

Our Physical Education Programme encourages active living, movement, social play, and participation. As students progress through the years, the programme introduces new concepts of personal fitness, sports skills, wellness and healthy living boosting emotional and social well-being, physical fitness, teamwork and leadership skills.

Students in Grade 3-8 have the opportunity to participate in local inter-school competition through the Waterloo Catholic District School Board Athletics Association in sports including: volleyball, badminton, cross country and track and field.

Novel Study

Engaging stories. Exploring minds.

Novel Study is an integral part of the SMS English programme. Novels are selected using a thematic approach, encouraging students to make personal connections and relationships that speak to their interests and concerns. Students analyze literature, make predictions and explore literary concepts in an age-appropriate, engaging environment. Recent themes have included social justice, aboriginal studies, inclusivity and the environment.

Sports and Enrichment Programmes

Our students love coming to school so much, they often don’t want to leave! We also offer a wide-variety of sports, clubs and enrichment programmes over the lunch hour and after school.

Clubs and activities for Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Junior High students are offered during the lunch hour and after school.

Lower Elementary

  • Floor Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Sports Shorts
  • Swimming
  • Games
  • Fibre Arts Club
  • Board Game Club
  • Art Club
  • Junior Choir

Upper Elementary and Junior High

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Chicopee Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Badminton
  • Soccer
  • Flag Football
  • Swimming
  • Music Club
  • Senior Choir
  • Drama Club
  • Study Hall
  • Zentangle Workshop

And there’s more!

Before and After Care

Before and After care is available for students daily from 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. and
from 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Additional fees apply. Occasional care is available by request on a space available basis, Casa to Grade 8 only. Advanced payment is required for all extended care programmes.

Lunch and snacks are provided for Prima Casa students (included in tuition).


Busing and Transportation

Door-to-door van service is available for students within the Waterloo Region. There is an additional charge for this service. Availability may depend upon the required route and demand. Spots are limited.


March Break and Summer Sunshine Camps

March Break and Summer Camp programmes (July and August) are available for students. Limited spaces are offered on a first come basis. Information is provided throughout the school year.


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Round Square

Embracing a global perspective.

Round Square is an international network of 200 like-minded schools in 50 countries that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programmes and experiences that develop global competence, character and confidence in our students. SMS has been a Round Square school since 2018.

Round Square advocates an approach to education which is built around six themes:

  • Internationalism
  • Democracy
  • Environmentalism
  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service

Through optional travel to other Round Square schools and countries, our students receive an unparalleled opportunity for experiential, personal and ethical learning as well as the development of leadership skills, self-confidence and empowerment. Round Square students gain confidence and compassion to meet future challenges with tolerance, respect and mutual understanding.

Virtual conferences and collaborations with students around the world are part of the Round Square experience. Previously students have visited Colombia, Galopagos and Kenya. As the world returns to safe international travel our students will resume their outreach and visits to countries as they’ve done in the past.